Send 10 students to university for Dalia's 10th anniversary !

Break the cycle of poverty, contribute to Palestine's future.

10 FOR 10 A Project of Education Fund

Did you know that Palestinians are one of the most literate people of the Arab world ?

...But due to the occupation leading to a high unemployment rate, parents struggle to send their child to university and get the proper education.

Without education, a society's future is at stake. In order to empower Palestine's youth and contribute to a better future, Dalia is partnering with Esnad, an initiative that grants scholarship to students around the country. In exchange of the grant, the young receivers will engage in voluntary actions inside their community. Help us provide quality education to Palestine's blossoming generation and form an active civil society with today's young leaders.

Community Philanthropy at its best

Receive and give back; that's what community philanthropy is all about, and by becoming one of our fundraisers, you will be part of a great community initiative. Thanks to your efforts, not only will a talented student have access to good education, but its entire community will also benefit from new academic resources, as the receivers are asked to give back and serve as mentors and positive role models for younger generations of students in their villages. By tutoring other students, the receivers become thought leaders and active contributors to a more equal education system.

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